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We are at Steel Fab 2015!
Metal Manufacturing Industry

We are at Steel Fab 2015!

We are at Steel Fab 2015 which is going to be held between January 26th-29th, 2015 in Expo Center Sharjah.

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Fair in Ekaterinburg
IEC 'Ekaterinburg-EXPO' Fair

Fair in Ekaterinburg

Askaynak joined the IEC ''''Ekaterinburg-EXPO'''' fair which was held between October 24th-28th, 2014.

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Welding Training in Georgia
General Training

Welding Training in Georgia

Askaynak Exports Team, in collaboration with Askaynak Technical Training Department, held a two-day technical training class in Georgia.

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Popular Products

  • Kobatek 578

    Kobatek 578

    An AC/DC high chromium-carbide electrode. It has been designed to withstand high abrasive wear under pressure, combined with medium impacts which are specially caused by ...


  • AS SG2

    AS SG2

    EN ISO 14341-A : G42 3CM G3Si1
    AWS A5.18 : ER70S-6


  • Inverter 251-Ultra

    Inverter 251-Ultra

    380V-3Ph input voltage and maximum output current of 250 A provide a continuous welding operation with rutile and basic type electrodes in diameters of 2.5, 3.2 and 4.0 m ...


  • AS B-248 H5

    AS B-248 H5

    AWS A5.1 : E 7018
    EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 3 B 42 H5


  • AS P-309L Süper

    AS P-309L Süper

    EN 1600 : E 23 12 LR 12
    AWS A5.4 : E309L-16
    Werkstoff-Nr : 1.4332


  • AS SG2 Extra

    AS SG2 Extra

    EN ISO 14341-A : G42 3CM G3Si1
    AWS A5.18 : ER70S-6
    Non-Copper Coated GMA Welding Wires


  • Inox Cut-off Wheels

    Inox Cut-off Wheels

    20A 30 P BF
    E20A 60 S BF
    E20A 46 S BF


  • Carbon Electrode for Cutting

    Carbon Electrode for Cutting

    Arc carbon cutting process is based on the integral function of electric arc and pressurized air using in cutting process.


  • Kobatek® Abramax® Wear-Resistant Plates

    Kobatek® Abramax® Wear-Resistant Plates

    Kobatek® Abramax® wear-resistant plates are developed for applications which need high abrasion resistance together with low or moderate impact.