Welding Consumables

 Welding Electrodes and Wires

Coated Electrodes, GMA Welding Wires, TIG Rods and SA Welding Wires.
General descriptions, classifications and chemical compositions of all weld metal, mechanical properties of all weld metal, approvals and certificates, applications and materials to be welded, welding parameters, packing informations, welding positions.

ASKAYNAK Non-Copper Coated GMA Welding Wire

Features and benefits of new generation non-copper coated GMA welding wire for manual, mechanized and robotic welding operations. "AS SG2-CF and AS SG3-CF" non-copper coated gas metal arc welding wire provide higher productivity, improved weld quality, a cleaner work environment and reduced overall welding costs.

Kobatek Products for Maintenance and Repair Welding

Kobatek products provide the most complete and advanced product range available. With total solutions that enhance welding performance and wear resistance, Kobatek products help to minimize maintenance periods, spare-parts inventories and production losses and increase plant efficiency.

Kobatek Wear Resistant Plates

Kobatek "Abramax" wear-resistant plates are developed for applications which need high abrasion resistance together with low or moderate impact.
Excellent resistance to high abrasion, preferred solution for maintenance and can be welded easily to steel plates.

Askaynak Abrasives

Flex cut-off wheels and grinding wheels
Flap discs and wheels, fibre discs
NK and SCG bench grinding wheels
SC cup wheels, EKR/EKW cup wheels and mounted points

Expressweld Welding Gloves

Expressweld carries its quality excellence in welding equipments to welding gloves which is a complementary product for welders. STANDARD, COMFORT and TIG WELDER series welding gloves provide a high strength in heavy applications, also an effective protection and safe work with its models for different requirements.

250 kg and 500 kg Gas Metal Arc Drum

Hight efficiency in semi-automatic and automatic gas metal arc welding systems.

 Drum Package

Drum packing informations.