Kobatek® Abramax® Wear-Resistant Plates


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General Description

“Wear Plates” is the general name given to a low carbon steel which coated on the surface with high abrasive wear resistant metallic materials. Kobatek® ABRAMAX® wear plates are especially developed for applications where high abrasion and low or moderate impact resistance required.As a result of our experience and knowledge about Repair and Maintenance welding, Kaynak Tekniği Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. offer to the users Kobatek® ABRAMAX® wear plates which are classified in 4 groups;

       1 - Abramax® STANDARD
       2 - Abramax® PLUS
       3 - Abramax® FLEX
       4 - Abramax® PRESTIGE


Product Specifications



Applications Areas

Ürün Avantajları

Machining, Cutting and Welding of Kobatek® Abramax Wear-Resistant Plates

Chemical analysis, microstructure and hardness of Kobatek® Abramax® wear-plates limit the usage of conventional machining methods.

Plate edges and corners can be machined by grinding, however it can not be cutted by oxy-fuel cutting technic because of high chromium content. Generally, the most preferred cutting method is plasma arc cutting technic. By applying plasma arc cutting, they can be obtained perfect results due to quality and cleaning.

The wear-resistant hardfacing layer can also be removed locally by using air carbon arc technic.

Ürün Avantajları

Kobatek® Abramax® wear-plates can be welded to each other by Kobatek 352 covered electrodes. During this operation, the welded joint must be located on mild steel base metal surface. On the welded joint, the hardfacing application should be applied by Kobatek 578 covered electrode.


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)