Kobatek 578


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)

General Description

An AC/DC high chromium-carbide electrode. It has been designed to withstand high abrasive wear under pressure, combined with medium impacts which are specially caused by coarse sand and hard minerals. Also resistant to corrosion and oxidizing. For overlaying carbon steels, low alloy steels and 12-14 % austenitic manganese steels, it produces very thick deposits and so only one pass is usually required for most applications.

Deposits are smooth, of good shape and with little or no slag residues as the electrode is almost totally consumed in producing the weld bead. Deposits may check crack to relieve stresses but this will not adversely affect weld adhesion or wear characteristics.


Mechanical Properties, Typical, All Weld Metal

Hardness : 60 - 63 (HRC)  (single layer)  

Approvals and Certificates





Application Areas

  • Dragline buckets (lips, points, cutting edges, teeths)
  • Scraper blades and mixers
  • Conveyor chains
  • Mixer blades
  • Sludge pumps
  • Hammers and crushers
  • Crusher jaws
  • Guide plates
  • Dozer and bits
  • Clinker chains
  • Screw conveyors
  • Crushing mills
  • Edge runners and chutes
  • Moulding screen segments
  • Wearing strips

Welding Parameters / Packing and Diameter Informations

Current Type and Polarity : DC (-) / AC min. 60V

Diameter x Length
Procedure - A
Current (Amper)
Procedure - B
Current (Amper)
3.25 x 350
150 - 170 100 - 120 5
4.00 x 350
190 - 220 140 - 160 5

High Amperage Welding
High amperage welding for heavy sections and large parts, maximum deposition rates.

Low Amperage Welding
Low amperage welding for small sections and parts which must not be overheated, minimum dilution and low heat input.


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)