Kobatek T-570B


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)

General Description

Special Cr-Nb-B alloy designed to give extreme resistance to high stress and gouging abrasion, and achieve a very high hardness in one layer deposits.

The weld metal cannot be subjected to flame cutting, offers good resistance to scaling and cannot be machined. The deposits will readily stress relief check crack.

If required with Kobatek T-570B ø 1.6 mm use 98% Ar + 2% O2 shielding gas.


Mechanical Properties, All Weld Metal

Hardness : 62 - 66 (HRC)  (pure weld metal)  

Application Areas

  • Bucket teeth and lips on bucket-wheel excavators
    in coal and phosphate mines
  • Brick and clay mill augers
  • Bucket teeth and lips on shovel bucket and
    bulldozer blades working in sand
  • Wear plates and screens in coal industry

Welding Parameters / Packaging and Available Sizes

Current Type and Polarity : DC (+)

Spool Weight
180 - 200 15
300 - 400 15 / 25

Ürün Broşürü (PDF)