Carbon Electrode for Cutting


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)

General Description

Arc carbon cutting process is based on the integral function of  electric arc and pressurized air üsing in cutting process. The metal that is molten by electric arc, is removed by the air jet. The tip of the arc cutting torch, is suitables for every cutting / gouging positions and supported by special nozzle that directs to air-jet. This process uses carbon, pressurized air and electric current to cut or gouge the metals and has many advantages over the conventionel cutting processes like oxy-fuel or saw blade cutting.

(1) high speed gouging and metal removals, (2) easy usage, (3) cleaner and more comfortables working environment than other ones, (4) enables to work with different materials like mild and stainless steels, cast irons, copper and light alloys, (5) no risk of explosion.


How to Use Carbon Arc Cutting Electrodes?

  • Connect the electrode with the DC(+) current to the work piece,
  • Connect the air-jet apparatus to the electrode holder,
  • Keep the distance between electrode and work pieces about 150 mm. Consider the type of current (DC or AC), diameter of the electrode, amount of current and other parameters like material type,
  • Turn the air-jet valve on,
  • Establish the arc between electrode and work piece. Arc distance must be kept around 1 to 5 mm (very short),
  • To remove the metal, that is cut or gouge, bend the electrode about 30° (maximum current limit must not be exceeded).

Lloyd Approvals and Certificates




Application Areas

To remove and gouge of the risers and runners of the mild / alloyed steel and iron castings.
Steel Industries :
Removing of the slag inclusions on the alloyed non-alloyed steel billet and slabs, blums, surface cleaning of the faulty weld beads.
Manufacturing of the Pressure-Vessel, Ship and Steel Constructions:
The surface cleaning of the rear side of the double sided welding applications before the process removing of the miswelded parts, weld beads from the process region and cutting the alloyed steel work pieces.
Repair and Maintenance Factories:
Pipe, metal sheets cutting and maintenance of the cast pieces.


Carbon Cutting Parameters / Packaging and Available Sizes

Current Range
Voltage Range
Electrode Weight
(g/100 pcs)
6.4 305 150 - 350 41 - 43 2.000 50
305 200 - 450 44 - 48 2.600 50
305 300 - 550 46 - 50 4.600 50

Ürün Broşürü (PDF)