Non-Copper Coated GMA Welding Wire AS SG2 Extra

AS SG2 Extra

The new generation AS SG2 Extra non-copper coated GMA welding wires offer significant improvements in quality and productivity, meaning that users can reduce the cost of manual, mechanised or especially robotic (full automatic) welding operations.

Due to its non-copper coated and improved quality wire surface, AS SG2 Extra avoids the contamination problems associated with copper coatings such as build-ups on wire feeder units (drive rollers, guides etc...), liners, torches and contact tips. This results in trouble-free feeding, a high process stability, reduced consumption of spare-parts and superior welding properties.

AS SG2 Extra non-copper coated GMA welding wire also allows a stable arc when working with increased welding speeds and gives high-quality welds with almost no-spatter. A further advantage of AS SG2 Extra is that it produces less fume, which keeps the working environment cleaner.

Features and Benefits

Consistent welding performance

:Consistent weld results

 High weld quality

Stable arc with low feeding force :Reduced re-work or post-weld cleaning  
Excellent arc ignition

:Reduced post-weld cleaning 

 Higher productivity

High current operability :More stable arc transfer between contact tip and welding wire  
Extremely low spatter level :Reduced post-weld cleaning  
Trouble-free feedability, even at high
wire feed speeds and long feed distance

:Higher productivity

 Reduced equipment downtime

Low fume emission :Cleaner working environment  
Non-copper coated wire surface

:No-contamination on wire feeders, liners, drive rollers, torches and contact tips with copper particles

 Reduced consumption of spare-parts


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