Our Information Security Policy

For Askaynak (Kaynak Tekniği Sanayi ve Ticaret A. Ş.) institutional and personal information are utmost valuable. Therefore, our information and support business systems are of vital importance for our business and they should be protected properly.

The aim of Information Security and this policy is to ensure Askaynak’s information to be handled by only authorized people and to be ready-to-use when necessary as whole and accurate. All Askaynak employees, regardless of their positions and roles, are obliged to comply with the privacy policy specified in Labor Agreements. Third party stakeholders and their affiliated support personnel are obliged to abide general principles of Information Security Primary and other mandatory security responsibilities and liabilities.

All employees are expected to fulfill especially the following liabilities:

To ensure control and sustainability of confidentiality, integrity and usability of Askaynak’s information and information systems,

To prevent Askaynak against risks that may arise due to loss, corruption and/or misuse of Askaynak’s information assets,

To ensure that the scope, content and implementation of information security standards are sufficient to eliminate the risk level faced by Askaynak and to ensure complying with law, regulation, policy and best practice requirements.

Askaynak Information Technologies Directorate is functionally the owner of policies and procedures specifying the activities of Information Systems, and it is responsible for their implementation in Askaynak.

Each department manager is primarily liable to take due precautions for complying with Information Security Policy and to supervise the system.