Kobatek 213


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)

General Description

Especially for welding forged and cast aluminium alloys containing less than 5 % Si as main alloying element.

Good weldability, no porosity.


Classification and Typical Weld Metal Composition

AWS A5.3 : E4043
ISO 18273
: ~ Al 4043A (AlSi5(Al))
Al Si Mn Fe Mg  



< 0,05

< 0,20

< 0,05



Mechanical Properties of the Weld Metal, Typical

Yield Strength : 90 (N/mm²)    
Tensile Strength : 160 (N/mm²)    
Elongation (L=5d) : 15 (%)    

Approvals and Certificates





Applications and Materials to be Welded

It is an ideal electrode particularly used for the welding of 5 % Si containing rolled aluminium parts and for aluminium pipes and plates. It should not be used in the welding of aluminium alloys having high magnesium, copper or zinc content. As the weld pool metal is very fluid, parts should be welded in horizontal position. During welding, electrode should be vertical to the work piece and it should not be oscillated. Arc length should be short.

Preheating to 100-300°C should be applied with respect to the thickness of the part to be welded. The slag should be removed completely after welding, since it is corrosive (the slag might be removed with water as the piece cools).

Aluminium Wrought Alloys:
AlMgSi0.5 (6060), AlMgSi0.7 (6005A), AlMgSi0.8 (6181)
Aluminium Cast Alloys:
G-AlSi5 (443.0)

Welding Parameters / Packing and Diameter Informations

Current Type and Polarity : DC (+)

Electrode Weight
(g/100 pcs)
2.50 350 60 - 90   900 222 2
3.25 350   90 - 110 1320 152 2
4.00 350 100 - 140 2040   98 2

Welding Positions


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)