AS Pik-55


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General Description

AS Pik-55 is a nickel cored electrode. It is used for the welding of all types of cast irons and particularly for the joining of austenitic alloyed cast irons; called Ni-resist. It gives a very stable arc and a negligible amount of slag that can easily be removed. Weld metal can be easily machined and it has the same color with that of the cast iron. It has excellent mechanical properties and it is very resistant to cracking.


Classification and Typical Weld Metal Composition

EN ISO 1071 : E C NiFe-1 3
AWS A5.15 : E NiFe-CI
DIN 8573 : E NiFe1-BG 33
C Fe Ni  






Mechanical Properties of the Weld Metal, Typical

Yield Strength : 320 - 360 (N/mm²)    
Tensile Strength : 430 - 470 (N/mm²)    
Elongation (L=5d) : 10 (%)    
Hardness : 160 - 200 (HB)    

Approvals and Certificates






Applications and Materials to be Welded

AS Pik-55 is particularly used for the joining and build up welding of gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and malleable cast iron parts. It is an ideal electrode for the joining of cast iron pieces to stainless steel or steel parts. On the other hand, it can also be used for filling up cavities in castings, or cavities that might form after machining. It is also an ideal electrode for the welding of parts, exposing to high dynamic forces, that are found in heavy machinery base and body.

When welding cast iron without preheat, the smallest possible electrode diameter and the lowest possible welding current should be selected to limit the width of the heat effected zone that might occur due to excess heating. When welding thick pieces, a preheating to 150-200°C and slow cooling is recommended.

Blackheart Malleable Cast Irons:
GTS 35-10 (0.8135), GTS 45-06 (0.8145), GTS 55-04 (0.8155), GTS 65-02 (0.8165), GTS 70-02 (0.8170)
Nodular (Spheroid) Cast Irons:
GGG 40 (0.7040), GGG 50 (0.7050), GGG 60 (0.7060), GGG 70 (0.7070), GGG 80 (0.7080)

Welding Parameters / Packing and Diameter Informations

Current Type and Polarity : AC min. 50V / DC (+)

Electrode Weight
(g/100 pcs)
2.50 300 45 - 80 1670 70 1,2
3.25 300   60 - 120 2730 40 1,1
4.00 350   90 - 140 4750 50 2,4

Welding Positions


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)