AS Bronz


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General Description

AS Bronz is especially designed for the welding of bronze and brass materials. It gives a filler metal of the tin-bronze type. It is possible to weld in all positions except overhead and vertical upwards


Classification and Typical Weld Metal Composition

DIN 1733 : EL CuSn 7
AWS A5.6 : ECuSn-C
Werkstoff-Nr : 2.1025
Sn Mn P Cu  







Mechanical Properties of the Weld Metal, Typical

Yield Strength : 160 (N/mm²)    
Tensile Strength : 260 (N/mm²)    
Elongation (L=5d) : 20 (%)    
Hardness : 90 (HB)    

Approvals and Certificates





Applications and Materials to be Welded

It is used for the joining and build up welding of copper and its alloys; for the joining of copper and bronze materials with steels and joining of steel casts with cast irons. It is ideal for the copper plating of cast iron and steel parts. If machinability is not considered after welding, it should also be used for the welding of cast iron parts.

It is suitable for the build up welding and joining of machine parts; especially turbine and centrifugal vanes, ship propellers, valve seats, couplings, piston arms and gears. Electrode should be nearly vertical to the work piece and the arc length should be short. To attain the best possible joining, a preheating of 300°C should be applied to copper and bronze parts.

Copper-Tin Wrought Alloys
CuSn2 (2.1010), CuSn4 (2.1016), CuSn6 (2.1020), CuSn8 (2.1030)
Copper-Tin Cast Alloys:
G-CuSn2ZnPb (2.1098), G-CuSn5ZnPb (2.1096), G-CuSn6ZnNi (2.1093)

Welding Parameters / Packing and Diameter Informations

Current Type and Polarity : DC (+)

Electrode Weight
(g/100 pcs)
2.50 300 60 - 90 1460 180 2,6
3.25 350   90 - 130 2910 110 3,2
4.00 350 130 - 160 5180   50 2,6
5.00 350 160 - 240 6600   35 2,3

Welding Positions


Ürün Broşürü (PDF)